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RigUp is one of the primary phases to success a MWD/LWD Job, the first step of rigging up equipments is to perform a visit of the installation prior mobilization and take a note of all requirements:

  • Sensors requirement and mechanical connections also accessibilities (ex. Space in the draw-work)
  • T-piece and hummer union connection type on manifold and goose-neck
  • Rig system Profibus and/or Intranet (IP range, gate way etc…)
  • MWD unit voltage.
  • MWD unit placement hazard zone.
  • Rigfloor monitor.
  • Radioactive storage area.
  • Internet connectivity (redundant if critical Realtime data transmission)
  • Tool programming pipe deck zone.
  • Cables path optimization (skid zone)
  • Surface system and backups.
  • Third party WITS requirement.
  • PTW (Permit to work procedure instructions)
  • Drill pipes connection types.
  • Chain tong length and iron roughneck capacity.
  • The degree of accessibility of tools on the pipe deck (overhead crane heavy work, restricted, etc…)

A clean rig down will save the equipment from damaging, avoiding forgetting cables or sensors in the installation and damaging the installation of other third party (Like Mud logging company…)