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It’s too critical to run MLWD tools in High Pressure High temperature environment due to the cost of damage to this tool, so a big attention and a big careful in procedure that should be implemented and follows:

Check the rig mud cooler status and efficiency vs time.

Check geological gradient vs TVD.

Implement staging procedure while RIH and POOH.

Get Real-time Temperature readings all the time.

Check with R&M team if appropriate changes done on the Orings and compensation oil in DH Tools.

Check with R&M team and OST report, if Downhole sensors are rated in range.

Make sure that we use the right batteries in case it’s necessary if not a battery less tools is a good option.

Synchronize the drilling operation (RPM, Friction,…) and rig maintenance schedules with the safety of the MLWD, minimizing non circulating time.