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The QA/QC is fundamental to ensure structured and smooth operation as per plan and allows having the tools to investigate failures and collecting lesson learnt. Through the implementation of this process in the workflow of your operation, you will reduce the human errors, failures and waste of money.

During the QA/QC phase the process will cover:

  • Shop tool servicing and OSTs (Out Going Test ).
  • Certifications and Inspections.
  • Shop Calibration.
  • Safe Shipment.
  • Rig up / Rig down.
  • RT data, frame selection or building.
  • Programming options selection.
  • Surveys condition.
  • Real time formation evaluation Logs (Gaps, resolutions, header, channels, scale etc..)
  • Daily report quality check.
  • End of section/ Well reports (Docs, PDF, RT vs RM logs, Las, DLIS)
  • Cost Sheets.
  • Engineers and operator profiles selection depending on the job profile.
  • Shipping back.
  • Failure investigation reports.
  • Conformance with the drilling program.
  • Surveys procedure and quality.
  • Battery and memory capacity reporting.