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The LWD is an important service to evaluate formation while drilling, trough that a real time date is received to surface system allowing experts making key and quick decisions to reach objectives with less cost.

For a success an LWD operations, some key checks are important to avoid failures and NPTs (Non productive time):

  • Drilling program, restrictions and recommendations (ROP plan, Sections plan, DLS, Trajectory, casing program, drilling hazards, mud program…)
  • Make sure that downhole sensors are updated and calibrated:

      Plateau calibration for natural gamma ray sensor.

      3 or 4 points gamma and neutron calibrations

      Antennas resistance receivers air calibration.

      Pressure sensor calibration.

  • Valid date of the RTC (Real Time Clock) batteries.
  • Logging batteries life calculation.
  • Recorded memory data rate, whit is affecting the memory capacity.
  • Optimal real time data Update according the operation ROP.
  • BHA Design and interference to have good images resolution.
  • Environmental corrections.
  • Well production nearby, SIMOP.
  • Offset well.
  • Depth control system.
  • Log gaps and relogging.
  • Formation Lithology.
  • Geological program.
  • Radioactive sources management (Procedure, storage, handling tools and safety)