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Pretest pressure sampling while drilling -FPWD-

At certain stage of drilling and at the zone of interest, the drilling stops and hole cleaning process takes place to have a safe sampling operation. A full structured procedure will be done to have formation pressure reading by deploying a probe that seal the borehole and suck the fluid at various speed. Date is collected recorded in memory and sent to the surface.

As QA/QC checks we need to pay attention to those points.

  • The down hole gauges calibration.
  • The probe sealing status and type.
  • The battery life time.
  • The tool vacuum.
  • Deck tests and results.
  • The rat hole to allow the probe reaching the zone of interest.
  • The pipes stretch.
  • Drilling hazard and well control condition (stationary time allowed)
  • The mud type.
  • Nearby production status SIMOP.
  • Depth control system.
  • Log gaps and relogging.

SWD sampling while drilling using MPSRs.

The SWD is almost have same precautions as the FPWD, but as a tool the most expensive LWD tool and it’s more complicated to operate due that it’s offering the possibility to get fluid samples in the bottles (called MPSR)

Additional precautions are:

  • Number of bottles vs number of sampling client request.
  • Shipment procedure.
  • Site opening sampling bottle (if required).
  • Fluid down hole analysis.
  • Pipe deck working area.
  • Latest framework version for DH and surface software.